Blogging – Should I Host My Own Personal Blog On My Very Own Domain

Simply because you can monetize a blog using many different affiliate programs and pay per click advertising and marketing programs, blogging is becoming more popular than ever. The issue comes when people have to choose whether they are going to use a free blogging service, or if they will be better off purchasing a domain name and setting up their own blog. Something you need to be aware of with regards to the free blog in platforms which are available is some are a waste if you are trying to make cash while others might be profitable. For individuals trying to make this choice you will find that we are going over the advantages and disadvantages of the different blogging platforms.

The 1st option you have for setting up one of the free blogs is to use the Word Press website and generate a blog with them. As you can imagine simply because this is free it makes it very popular, and you are in addition going to discover that Google loves this website so that will help you create traffic. Of course one of the main drawbacks of using this platform is that Word Press can end up canceling your blog at any time for any reason they want. This will usually happen if you utilize word press and try to take the traffic from their website and send it to any other website because this is against their terms of service.

Another alternative you have for setting up a free blog is using a platform called Blogger, and this is really a platform which is in fact owned by Google. One of the advantages of using this platform to generate your blog is that if you use it correctly there is no reason Google would want to delete your account. They don’t mind people making use of their platform for promoting affiliate marketing programs and in addition they make it super easy for you to add AdSense ads directly on your blogs. While google is not normally that picky when it comes to deleting blogs, it does happen, but this is actually a a lot better choice than using Word Press for making cash.

For those of you who end up buying a domain name and set up your own blog on your own website, you’re not going to need to worry about being at the mercy of anybody canceling your accounts. There’s a lot of plug in’s available for a blog and you are going to see that the free blog platforms won’t enable you to add these plug in’s but if you own your own blog you are able to. Another benefit of this is that you can in fact have access to other themes that won’t be available if you choose one of the free options.

If you are one of the people that are looking to generate your very own blog you are going to see that hosting it yourself on your own domain will be your best option. This also means that if you are looking to generate a blog to be able to start earning cash, the smartest way about going about this is to ensure you’re hosting your blog yourself to avoid any chances of having your account canceled. Tips HERE.