What You Need To Know About Paintball Gun Parts

Getting a paintball gun as a hobby or for playing warzone games has become a popular recreation. Tactical games with warzone scenarios using paintball guns are very popular among many guys and also gals. Handling and playing with the gun is quite easy, but identifying paintball gun parts could pose some difficulties. It will be very handy to know these things especially when you’re a newbie so that when it’s time to upgrade or clean your marker, it will be easier for you to identify them.

Body of the marker – The body of the marker is the paintball gun’s largest part. This also identifies the area that has the trigger frame, bolt and valve. These parts can be detached from each other to allow new parts/equipment to be attached onto the body. But this is only advisable for those who are already experts.

When it comes to the gun’s body, paintball gun manufacturers usually use a standard approach. The placement of the barrel and trigger is where the difference is. Pushing the trigger frame forward shifts the balance of the gun, making it easier to handle with one hand. This leads to a lower-profiled body which is ideal for players since hopper hits can make or break a game.

Hopper – This part is where the rounds of paint are held. High-end or not, these paintball gun parts are not yet perfected by manufacturers – the balls still break and jam the guns or feeding mechanism, leading to more ball breakage. The paint balls of gravity-feed hoppers are more prone to breakage while still in the hopper. Other types of hoppers are agitation hoppers, force-feed hoppers and stick-feed hoppers.

Tank – This is the part – among the paintball gun parts – that contains the gas that propels the balls forward and out of the gun barrel. CO2 or high-pressure air can be used as the main propulsion material. CO2 is the original gas used but nowadays, HPA is more preferred since it is more reliable and does not require an evaporation system to fire.

Barrel – This is the component where the ball travels down when you compress the trigger. This part is responsible for the accuracy, speed and distance of the ball’s travel. Among the many paintball gun parts, the barrel is considered the most important. If you want quieter fires, it’s best to choose longer barrels than the shorter ones.

By familiarizing yourself with paintball gun parts, you’ll be able to clean, maintain and upgrade your gun/s with ease. Who knows, you might even become an expert on this.