The Essential Automatic Guitar Tuner

Guitars often go out of tune after a period whether of constant play or brief hiatus. There are only a select few that can use their ears to tune the guitar and not everyone can develop that skill even though they have been playing for a very long time. Hence, the need for an automatic guitar tuner comes in. It is a device that musicians use so that they don’t have to rely on others to keep on tuning their string instrument. There would be less time consumed when musicians use the automatic guitar tuner and the best part of this is their instruments would be in perfect pitch.

The first thing that you should do, when using an automatic guitar tuner, is to determine if the musical instrument is properly tuned. The standard tuning of a guitar would be a good basis to begin with. Using the top string, and calibrating it to the initial letter “E” can accomplish this.

Check the automatic guitar tuners if it’s batteries are fully charged. The electric type and the needle type are two types of automatic guitar tuners. The electric guitar tuners have a series of LED lights while the needle type has a needle that points to center if the instrument is properly tuned.

Select the string that you want to try first and set the automatic guitar tuner to that particular string. Then just like what you do to chickens, you also pluck the string. The electric guitar tuner would then flash a green light to signify that the string is in tune. If the string is in tune, a needle tuner would have the needle pointing to the middle. If both automatic tuners give negative results, you can modify the tune of the guitar by turning on the tuning pegs located on the guitar’s headstock. If the string is high, then loosen it, and if the string is low, tighten it. Repeat all these steps to the other strings. On a final note, be sure to turn the strings slowly to prevent the strings from snapping.