Pencil Portrait Drawing Methods

To create an image from pencil portrait drawing, it will need a lie to come up with a position, shape and evenness of the features. To create the form and texture of each feature, it should have the softly shaded tone . In the end, they will make use of tone in large areas to bring all the elements of the portrait .

Pencil portrait drawing would require you to establish the basic features because it’s important to draw lightly at first . Its easier to erase lines that are drawn lightly. Because the eyes serve as the central point in every feature, drawing should begin there. To establish a balance on the portrait, you should be careful in selecting a position for them .

Make for the outline of the portrait first . By measuring the distances between the eyes and top of the head, eyes and the chin, you can come up with the size of the head . The measurements should all go accordingly .

The neck and shoulders serves as an angular support for the head while the face and hair serves as main features of pencil portrait drawing . There should be an impact between the connection of head and shoulders .

To greatly emphasize your pencil portrait drawing is to sketch some of the detail in the hair and the folds on the clothes . The locks that you want to apply for the hair should follow the different strands as they also contribute for the creativity of pencil portrait drawing. There should be a noted liveliness and rhythm on the hair as they are quickly and forcefully drawn.

Not only the fold on the clothes help in making the portrait alive but it also provide for the angle of the shoulders. Do not forget to erase any traces of guide once you have already put up a face for your portrait .

Pencil portrait drawing can be one of the most difficult challenges a beginning artist can face . Even artist who draw other subjects well find drawing human features difficult . Some artist who are just beginning avoid portrait drawing because they are not sure that even practices would work. But not all portrait needs to be difficult with the proper techniques to use to .