Paranormal Email Readings

Psychic email reading is one of the most debatable forms of psychic readings. There are people who believe that clairvoyants use their extra sensory power when reading their email hence there is no need for a personal consultation. Skeptics of psychic email readings on the other hand, believe that there should be a personal touch when it comes to readings, anything short of that is a scam.

Psychic email readings, according to those who favor it, are effective because it gives the psychic to answer enough time to contemplate on a question. They can answer after reflecting and meditating on the question; therefore, it is a well thought-of answer. Once the atmosphere tends to have a relaxing and meditative feel, the psychic email reader can give precise readings. They can use a variety of ways for their readings, from tarot cards, numerology, astrology, anything that can help their client’s predicament. Critics of psychic email readings are uncomfortable with this kind of reading for they feel that due to the lack of interpersonal connection, the psychic reader is just in it for the money. There are not enough aura and cosmic flow that can be exchanged through email. It lacks sensitivity and emotion, and besides there are a lot of phone or actual psychics available for readings. There are also quite a number of fake psychics who are just out to scam naïve people.

To make sure that the medium you wish to contact is legitimate, check their email addresses and their websites for reviews and testimonials. One should correspond first and ask questions about their background, history, experience. Psychics that really have the gift are willing to answer your test questions and they are willing also to dispense advice that can gain your trust.

It is better to ask for a sample of their psychic gift before paying for an actual reading. Some psychics will give a short sample to show that they have the gift of forecasting and divination. If one can discover a good psychic email reader, then there’s no harm in starting a psychic email reading.