Is Absinthe Available in Canada These days?

The answer to the question “Is Absinthe available in Canada?” is rather simple really – yes! It may not be fully legal to purchase and then sell all over Canada however it is perfectly legal to order it and ship it in to Canada from other countries for personal consumption.

In March 2007 Canadian law set that it was up to the liquor board of every individual Canadian province to control the substance called thujone. Thujone is a chemical found in wormwood and is particularly the reason why Absinthe was restricted in lots of countries around the globe during the early 1900s. Thujone was believed to be psychoactive like THC in cannabis and Absinthe was compared to drugs like cannabis, cocaine and heroin. Medical expert of the time believed that Absinthe comprised large volumes (up to 350mg) of thujone and that Absinthe was accountable for causing:-

– Hallucinations
– Convulsions
– Delirium
– Insanity
– Brain damage
– Death

Is Absinthe available in Canada or perhaps not?

The United States banned Absinthe in 1912 and even though it was never properly restricted in Canada, liquor boards have managed to prevent it from being offered to consumers. Canadian consumers have had to be pleased with Absinthe substitutes, like Pernod Pastis, that do not consist of wormwood.

Since it has long been established through testing that Absinthe only includes small quantities of thujone which are perfectly safe and that the claims and accusations were just part of the mass and hysteria fueled by the Prohibition Movement, Absinthe laws all over the world happen to be relaxed so that the drink can be experienced by modern day consumers.

Several Canadian provinces are now reviewing their legislation relating to Absinthe. The provinces of Quebec and Ontario allow Absinthe with a thujone content of up to 10ppm, much like EU and US legislation. British Columbia does not have any legislation regarding thujone levels but the smaller the better. Hills Absinth as well as a Canadian distilled Absinthe called “Taboo”, which is distilled in British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley, have been approved and are obtainable to buy in many provinces.

If you are a Canadian in a province where it is hard to get hold of a top quality wormwood Absinthe inside a store, you should look at Absinthekits like those made available from the company AbsintheKit. This internet company create Absinthe essences for the Absinthe industry as well as for buyers. The essences consist of traditional Absinthe herbs just like wormwood, aniseed and fennel and are already distilled. Simply just mix 20ml of Absinthe essence with 730ml of vodka or Everclear plus you’ve got your personal real Absinthe. do around the world shipping, just purchase an essence or Absinthe kit on their store. The essences frequently come singularly in 20ml bottles or you can order a kit containing 280ml to make 14 bottles of Absinthe, artistic bottle labels along with a handy plastic measure. The essences come in 4 varieties – one to make a classic verte Absinthe, one to make a clear La Bleue style Absinthe, an essence to make a yellow-orange colored Absinthe flavored with normal orange oil, and also a strong essence to make an Absinthe which has a higher content of wormwood. The strong essence makes an Absinthe with 55mg of thujone and the other essences help to make Absinthes with 35mg of thujone.

So, what we can tell to “Is Absinthe available in Canada?” is it can be bought online for private usage wherever you live in Canada however you may not be able to purchase it within your local liquor store.