Get Your Own Pencil Portrait From Photo

If you are looking for a great time to make your pencil portrait from photo, this would that time. The artist considered pencil portrait from photo as a difficult hobby . As they are having difficulty to draw human features, they treat this as an another asset by using the photograph as a guide .

In order for you to have a pencil portrait from photo, place the photograph on a flat surface under a bright light . To get each curve and lines accurate, photos are drawn with grid lines to make a pattern out of it. Make squares in grid type that measure half to one inch square on the plastic that will be placed on top of your pictures. The grid between the pictures and on the working paper should be of the same measurement, if not, close .

In making your pencil portrait from photo, draw the grid or guide lines in light lines, to make it easy to remove in the end . The grid squares should not be exact in point by point system . There should just be an equal amount of grid squares to come up with a pencil portrait from photo .

Start with the outline of your portrait first . The outline serves as the border to commence working on your pencil portrait from photo . There are a lot of beginning artists that starts with particular feature . When they have already started, capturing the rest of the image can be quite tricky.

Your pencil portrait from photo would require you to have the basic features set first. It would have details on the nose, eyes and mouth. Make the picture to be your guide . Guide your pencil on the paper and look from the photo to your hand to see if both lines and going on the same way .

You should have different kinds of pencils for the shading and texture with a 3B or 4B pencil . An equal gravity and density should be noted from the pencil portrait from photo and the picture alone. It will help you to know that a darker lead will allow you to apply shadow around the features to create depth . To blend and smudge the shading of your final product, use the corner of the eraser to make the final touch.