Drawing At Your Best With Pencil Portrait Tutorial

Part of the art today is sketching from pencil. Practice provides you with expertise, if you want to use your gift on talent drawing . Initially when you set off for your pencil portrait tutorial, you should have the important materials at hand that you need and will suit you .

There are also book guides available for pencil portrait tutorial depending on the type of subject that you want to draw . You can hire your relative or friends to do some modeling stints for you to start off. Provided with a good illumination, let your first subjects relax in an easy and comfortable position.

From the paper, you should start by making a soft line to being your pencil portrait tutorial . These lines would serve as a guide to draw your model . It will give you as a map to follow at . Be creative and trust your instincts as each person has its own way of developing their creativity . Making the outline of your subject’s face is a start of your pencil portrait tutorial . If you are working with an oval or square face, it has the tendency to become rounded . Once you’ve gotten the shape of your face, you’ll have a good jumping-off point to place the features .

Start drawing the mouth with one half of the upper and the lower lip to be vertical on either side. Have the entire mouth drawn below the horizontal line. One of the basic elements of pencil portrait tutorial is to know the mouth symmetry and whether they are plump or thin. Provide a little smile line around the eyes and corners of the mouth to serve as smile line . Smudging with your finger from your pencil portrait tutorial helps blend the pencil lines .

Erase any basic markings you made if you already put up a basic face . The nose can be noted from the face by adding a little shade to one corner of the nose. Shading helps relieve the flatness of the portrait . Draw the hair the way you like it from the top of the face to finish off your pencil portrait tutorial.