Digital Guitar Tuner: Tuning with Technology

Guitarists consider tuning their own guitars as one hurdle they have to conquer to be considered as an accomplish musician. Past musicians have to rely on their ears when tuning their guitars but only a handful has mastered such skill. Musicians have to turn to other devices and inventions to assist them in tuning their instruments. From the tuning fork to the digital guitar tuner, it helps musicians to tune each string to perfect pitch every time.

Digital guitar tuners can be differentiated in four different types. You have the selection of picking a clip-on, handheld, mounted on guitars, or the ones from computer software. The hand held ones are the most common digital tuners. The hand held ones can be placed in close proximity to the body of guitar or connected via cable.

If you prefer hands-free guitar tuning then the clip-on digital tuners is the appropriate choice. There is no need for a cable to plug your guitar into for tuning purposes. The clip-on digital guitar tuner is clipped on the heads of the guitars so they can pick up the vibration of the string tones. It is very applicable when the guitarist is playing in front of a full house because unlike those tuners that use microphones, it cannot detect any sound from them. Clip-on digital tuners can work for other types of guitars, such as the bass, acoustic and electric.

If you want to check the computer software of digital guitar tuners, then you need to have either of the following, USB port plus cable or a microphone that is usually built-in the computer.

You can use any tuning style possible, from the standard tuning to “flat” tuning. Digital guitar tuners can be even used for Drop D, tuning in from the low to the high.

Digital guitar tuners operate the same way as other guitar tuners. It will flash a green light if the strings are in perfect pitch and a red one if it is either sharp or flat. Use the guitar’s turning pegs to loosen or tighten the string. Do the same process for all the strings and double check it again in case a string might have lost its proper pitch. Be careful in tugging the string so as not to break it and start all over again.