Components of a Canon Digital SLR camera

The hunt for the best canon digital SLR camera is tied up with the concept of how much you are willing to pay.

Canon digital SLR cameras fall squarely into 4 groups: consumer, semi-professional, professional and uber-professional . Prices relates to different levels of canon cameras . The higher the price, the more features it has that could be overwhelming for beginners and intermediate photographers .

When it comes to the digital SLR market, canon digital SLR camera are enormously popular and a definite leader compared to others. From the EOS digital rebel (the first digital SLR camera to be offered for less than $1,000), Canon’s power started from this and then advance their line of EOS digital rebel onwards.

For families, Canon EOS Rebel T2i (550D) digital SLR camera is ideal with its new, wider, high-resolution LCD screen, paired with the ability to control video exposure manually . It includes autofocus during video capture and better audio through the use of an external microphone input .

For intermediate and advanced users, Canon digital SLR camera EOS 60D is recommended . Action photographers can take advantage of the 5.3 photo-per-second speed and 9-point autofocus enabling portrait photographers the power of the live view mode to maintain eye contact with their subjects .

The camera has Canon’s first flexible LCD screen (to capture Full High Definition 1080p movies) and a 3-inch screen that flips out from the camera body and rotates in all directions .

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, another type of canon digital SLR camera is for advanced to semi-professional photographers including amateur hobbyist with enough money to spend . This DSLR has the ability to capture an unlimited number of images with 3.9 photos per second .

And there are also canon digital SLR camera made for uber-professionals that makes it ideal for magazine and advertising photographers.

Together with any other digital SLR’s, prices for canon digital SLR camera varies from its key features and specifics. New developments were made possible from the development and research from the early versions of Canon digital SLR cameras.