A sneak peek over Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

When three Japanese optical companies joined forces, that’s the mark of Nikon’s long, comprehensive history way back 1917. Nikon is most famous for Optical aspect .

Nikon has several distinct levels of skill while its digital SLR cameras capture photos with exceptional details and color .

Entry level Nikon digital SLR cameras are easy to operate and it is aimed for beginning photographers or for those who are starting to switch from a compact digital to an SLR . For this type of camera, they have D3000, D3100, and D500 with prices amounting from estimate values of US$500 – US$750.

Their D3000 is for an individual who has a need for picture enhancement and their D3100 has a live view LCD screen and can take Full High Definition 1080p movies, a new feature that is missing from D3000. From the modification of its ancestor, D3100 caters Nikon’s Guide Mode that is designed to introduce beginners to DSLR controls and functionality .

On the other hand, D5000 is a combination of D60 and D90 then Nikon models with the function of High Definition video documentation and a live view LCD screen that flips out from the camera body (for high and low angle shots), and an 11-point autofocus system .

With the additional custom settings, Nikon SLR cameras for Mid-Level step up above the entry-level in price, with faster performance, and stylish autofocus system . For this level they have D7000 and D300s with prices ranging from US$1,500 – US$1,800 .

For an advanced amateur photographer, D7000 is all about the camera he needs . Dust control, live view, ultra-fast continuous speed, great image quality at high ISO with a plug for an external stereo microphone and autofocus that can be used during video capture is what D300s encompasses from D300 .

Semi-professional and Professional Nikon digital SLR cameras models like D700, is only ideal if you have a lot of experience using a film SLR camera and planning to use for future photography business .

You can see Nikon’s old models online, If you are keen to what Nikon digital SLR camera has, but don’t have enough budget for a new one.