A Guide on the Best Electric Cars

Why are green cars all the rage now? It’s because they’re to be desired (unless you don’t mind the drawbacks that come with it). In London, electric cars are not required to pay road tax and congestion charge, plus they can park in many areas for free. With this to consider, many would still look into the list of the best electric cars and buy the top ranked model to impress their friends more than its practical use. It can be quite hard to judge if the car is electric or not by just looking at it from the outside. There are some cases wherein gasoline-powered cars are converted to electric cars, making them even harder to tell apart. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of an electric car is that it is really silent when you are driving it.

But what does an electric car need to have to be considered “the best”? The best electric cars must have the following criteria: First of all, it must have the same feel of a regular car but it must not come with a ridiculous price tag. In today’s market, both Nissan and Ford are releasing models that have the same feel of an ordinary cat and are silent. The only sound that you can hear is the hum of the motor and the squeal of tires. Quick acceleration is also another important factor. The best electric cars that fit into this category is the Tesla Roadster, which has superb handling and is very good-looking. In short, it is a very eye-catching car. However, you need to pay $109,000 to own this beauty. Another car is the Apatera 2e, which also has great acceleration and a very unique futuristic design. The fact that it has three wheels seems freakish, but you get over it quickly.

It may take a while before everyone welcomes this trend on wheels considering the onslaught of electric concepts. A lot has to be discovered about how these alternative cars will affect our daily lives. Even manufacturers claim their units would sell as investment or necessity more than a luxury. The best electric cars just keep on becoming popular. They are frequently featured in the news and a lot of people are waiting for the latest happenings regarding their development.