A guide on buying your own Pentax digital SLR cameras

When Canon and Nikon were already heads-up with all the crave for digital SLR’s in the market, Pentax digital SLR cameras were late to arrive. Pentax digital SLR finally made its primary appearance in 2003 . Starting from there, pentax digital SLR cameras built up rhythm, and have been producing new camera models along with some innovations that make the Pentax digital SLR cameras very tempting to buy .

Pentax digital SLR cameras are the smallest and lightest SLR you can buy . For enthusiastic travelers who can’t keep their hands off the shutter, the trend that Pentax made is ideal for them. Pentax digital SLR cameras made its way to downward price; making high-end digital SLR’s handy to average consumers.

When it evolve on the year 2006, Pentax digital SLR cameras come up with a built-in anti-shake feature that was only available on Sony that time .

Together with the other digital SLR manufacturers, Pentax digital SLR cameras have also levels to the photographer’s level of skills . But they are very specific with the distinguishing features from their product .

Because of its body and batteries, Pentax K-X beginner camera sets apart from other entry-level models . Its body color is available in black, white, red and navy (apart from the standard black) and it runs off on regular AA batteries (no special charger required) . This could be convenient for travelers who like to venture far afield .

Their Pentax digital SLR camera model K-r, comes also with the same rainbow colors and shares a lot of features same with Pentax K-x .

Pentax K-7 and Pentax K-5 are also among the other types of Pentax digital SLR cameras. An electronic level, automatic lens distortion correction and an in-camera HDR capture mode is what K-7 comprises of. As the next generation of the Pentax K-7, K-5 comes with a cosmic ISO range from a low of 80 to a value of 51200, that taking pictures hand-held in near dark made possible.

Pentax digital SLR cameras may be late to arrive,, but their products are well-distinguished from other digital SLR manufacturers .